How Porn has Taken Over the Internet

Nowadays, when people think of pornography, they think of pornography on the web. However, before the dawn of the internet age, way back to ancient civilizations and even before that, pornography already existed – only they came in other forms.

Sexual content could be found in cave paintings, for example. Many depictions of the naked body has been carved by many sculptors around the world. The Kama Sutra, a text from the third century by Vatsyayana, contained graphic sexual positions, for the purpose that man and wife find carnal and cerebral pleasure with each other to maintain a happy marriage. As technology advanced, pornography could be seen in the cinema, adult theaters, and adult magazines.

Believe it or not, pornography is one of the major driving forces of the World Wide Web. In the early 1990s, pornography was found in Usenet newsgroups and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). During this time, because of bandwidth limitations and time restrictions, the image has to be converted to ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Exchange) text and then uploaded to the Usenet newsgroup, and then a user has to download and then recompile the pieces to view the image. Among all the posts made from users, many of the images shared were pornographic in nature, a lot of them scanned pictures of erotic material from adult magazines.

Now, compare that to today. Today, there are a lot of pornography websites easily available online. Unlike in Usenet newsgroups, it’s no longer necessary to convert images to ASCII text and then compile them just to view the content. When Googling “porn,” there are more than 2 billion results! There 2 billion different ways to view pornographic content, and that is only what is available on the surface of the internet, not counting the deep web.

Nowadays, internet pornography is not available in only one format anymore. Instead of just posting and distributing images, pornography is available as videos. Porn video is, in fact, the most well-sought form of pornographic material. There are many pornographic galleries which showcase thousands and thousands of erotic images, while there are also many pornographic websites which showcase thousands and thousands of porn videos.

Before the internet, there were services which provide paid “phone sex,” where people basically hire others to talk dirty to them for a period of time. A better alternative for this with the internet is video conferencing, which the porn industry took advantage of and were advanced at, and now it’s commonly known as live webcams. Yes, one of the major uses of video conferencing is for pornographic purposes.

All these pornographic materials can be viewed through either free or paid means. Because of user demand, maintaining a porn site requires a lot of bandwidth. The transfer of videos—and not only a single video, but multiple—to many users from all over the world means a whole lot of data. This means users might have to pay to maintain and keep the porn sites and all the content up. (However, there are still free alternatives, which use paid advertisements as a way to pay for the cost.) Of course, businesses have been made out of internet pornography. Some of the most popular porn sites are among the biggest internet companies, in fact.

At this point, do you think there exists an adult that has not seen porn online? In 2009, Simon Louis Lajeunesse, a researcher from Montreal, conducted a study entitled ‘Are the effects of pornography negligible?’, which analyzes the effects of viewing pornography for men in their 20s. To conduct the study, he had to interview men who have seen porn and men who have not seen porn. However, apparently he could not find a single man who has not seen porn in his 20s.

This is no surprise, as pornography is very accessible on the internet. Just one Google search, and pornographic material is immediately available right in front of your eyes. Because of its very easy accessibility, and of the simple fact that porn satisfies urges and can be a source of pleasure, it is also very easy to get addicted to pornography. There’s even dating sites for this and some that specialize for milf sex. Milf Swiper which is the #1 app for milf sex and milf pics allows you to chat with naked milfs and get milf pussy from many local hot Milfs is a great example of this. Porn is everywhere and now you can find dating apps specifically for your needs.

In a book, Mark Kastleman talks about how pornography “destroys the mental and spiritual capacity of its victims.” Of course, there are also many activists who argue that pornography is actually a safe and healthy way to satisfy sexual urges and explore one’s own sexuality. In fact, some health professionals use porn to help their clients with clinical sexual problems.

Whatever anyone’s opinion of pornography is—whether it be good or bad for an individual person and society as a whole—it does not change the fact that porn has made its way to mainstream society. And that is thanks to the World Wide Web.

The History of Online Porn

The earliest forms of porn were pictures taken of aspiring models in the 19th century. From then on, porn went hand in hand with the advent of cinema even went to boost the ticket sales. The porn industry has indeed come a long way, starting from prints to the 8mm films, to the Betamax and VHS, where people could bring porn to their home televisions. The time when computers were developed, porn was not distributed through dot coms right away.

Online porn preceded the development of the web. Usenet newsgroup allowed the distribution of pornographic images that by 1995, Time Magazine featured Cyberporn which had consisted 83.5% of the images on UseNet. When it was finally made possible for a user to get into the web, Bulletin Boards and Internet Relay Chat provided venues for people to talk dirty to each other letting anonymous users have access the world’s pornography library. Finally somebody named Marc Andreessen said the web should show pictures through a browser that is user friendly, then modern online porn was born.

The Birth of Online Porn

With porn sites reaching a global audience, the issue was how to sell the pornographic pictures online. The answer came with the credit cards, and porn sites were among the first to use this type of payment. More and more materials were coming in to feed the demand for online porn. Videos were produced from other parts of the world to be downloaded and played at the consumer’s convenience, where one can hit pause, play, rewind and forward. Video conferencing then was developed where live performers would be in front of a webcam and the subscriber would pay to watch by the minute.

What came out next were sites where men and women go live on camera for paying subscribers. It seems like anyone can be a porn star if they wanted to with just an internet connection, webcam, and a stomach for it. By late 90’s cam sites were very popular in the online porn industry. It offered an almost full interaction, not just typing in chat rooms or talking for phone sex but instantaneously see the reaction of a performer or subscriber.

Even individual sex workers found the value in this access to easy distribution. The online adult industry has allowed everybody to get access to porn; it has leveled the playing field since homemade porn videos made possible by the advancement in technology. Those traditional venues for porn such as Playboy, Vivid, and Hustler have been left behind by the development of the digital videos.

Evolving Porn Industry

Start-ups are dime a dozen and these definitely include porn sites, both big players and small ones. One of the more popular fuck buddy sites is fuck swiper, more girls down to fuck than fuckbook. However, there is still a divide between online porn and traditional or offline porn. Offline porn companies would justify not using the internet as medium for its impression of low quality, insisting that more traditional means of distribution through VHS, DVD, and print allow for higher quality porn. Even Hollywood has caught up, albeit a bit late. Still, it can’t be denied that the popularity of porn in CDs and DVDs made way for the clamor for online porn.

Every day porn content is being produced, shared, ogled at and lusted over for, thanks to the newer technologies – hard drives, cameras, screens, faster internet, sharing sites. An example is the particular site that broke the internet, YouTube allowed anyone and everyone to have access to an audience and be able to share videos.

Now, more and more sites have copied this platform and used it to distribute not just homemade porn but also professional videos and movies. This shows that the porn industry still continues to evolve; fewer people now are interested in watching a full pornographic movie. It is all about those free shorter videos on online porn sites. In tracing the history of the internet, one cannot deny that online porn is a huge part of how it developed and how it is continuously growing.

Through all this, censorship and regulation of free content was attempted by different governments but the porn industry has always fought back and continues to do so successfully. Many popular sites now, like Yahoo and Craigslist banked on the demand for adult material to gain popularity, until they were pressured to remove it. Still today, these sites are constantly at the top sites in the internet.

Although the mainstream internet companies don’t profess or admit how much impact online porn has in the industry, some sources give the impression that it is the other way around. The internet is the integral part of the history of online porn, when before it was just through magazines, then home videos, and then next came the live videos – who knows what next.